Video Showcase

AV-KLOUD Promotional Intro

Missing gear? Missing crew? AV-KLOUD is the unique SaaS platform which helps you to post your requests and populate them online to other users, it will assist you to get offers, close a rental or purchase deals for required stuff. Our solution also manages and documents complete end-to-end process for rented items delivery to the site, hand over to Requester and return back to Offeror.

AV-KLOUD Commercial

Short commercial video introducing AV-KLOUD.

AV-KLOUD changes your life

Technical production projects for events and gigs bring sometimes stressful and exhausting burden when dealing with constant change and new realization requirements. That's why AV-KLOUD is a great helper for your work.

AV-KLOUD Gear Shortage Request

Short preview of creating and posting new Request for gear which needs to be rented or bought from other AV-KLOUD users

AV-KLOUD User Opportunity Setting

Short preview on how to do User Opportunity Setting. Opportunity is any published Request from another AV-KLOUD user and it is displayed in Opportunity List and Opportunity Map to attract user attention for creating respective Offer. Opportunity Setting determines user selection for Opportunities territory and gear categories fit.

AV-Kloud Intro - Find Missing Gear and Crew

Reduce your increasing transport costs and also the negative impact to the environment using external resources of other AV rental companies and our users near to your project place. AV-KLOUD will allow you to find them on-line and to address them with your requests for sub renting gear and crew in a simple way without time consuming searching, calling or mailing burden.

AV-KLOUD Teaser1

We orchestrate all your gear and crew rental needs with our all-in-one instrument