Our company

AV-Kloud has the vision to create a full-service AV community’s rental marketplace across Europe. It enables its users to find a reliable AV technology rental partner matching their requirements – whatever type of gear they need, at whatever place, time, price – around the corner or wherever in Europe. For more than 10 years the project was food for thought in Belgium, and became realized, programmed and tested in Prague offices over the last 2 years.

Our international team consists of several experts both from within the AV industry and from other fields - international sales, IT development, marketing and finance.

“Our mission is to help AV companies do better and easier rental business. The way how our sector worked till now is just too much hassle. Especially in the after-covid recovery era, we will all need to save more time, make even better and faster deals and save extra on logistic costs. It’s how the idea was originally developed, but it is now more relevant than ever.” says Ales Sobotka, Head of Operations at AV-Kloud.


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