AV-KLOUD Newsletter #1 - July 2022

Dear Reader

Last month, we have reached 50 companies from 12 countries with an account on AV-KLOUD! So we would like to thank all of you who helped us get there.

As a Thank you present feel free to click here and ask for the extended free usage of 3 months. In case you happen not to be an active user yet, subscribe via this link or see the bottom of this email.

The most represented countries are: The United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Czech Republic.

So if you are missing Gear or Crew go and try to enter your needs directly on AV-KLOUD. It is faster, easier and more organized than many individual calls or emails you need to do now!

What you also told us is that you have preferred partners you like to work with. Therefore we introduced REFERRALS that allow you to INVITE your business partners and start collaborating digitally! We talk about it in the Product Update below.

Since this is the very first product update we could talk about various functionalities. The one which stands out is the REFERRAL program.

How it works:

1.      Login to AV-Kloud = this functionality is available to active users only.

2.      Go to your Settings via a click on your Avatar or a general user icon (top right corner)

3.      Select Referral program

4.      Click Copy Link